Braiding knowledge,
sciences, technologies

My expertise in innovation builds from working in contrasted RD&E environments in both subsistence and broadacre agriculture, across agronomy and the social sciences.

I have worked in Australian universities, international development agencies, and French research institutes.

My work is based on understanding farmers’ realities, as the basis for pragmatic action.

I bridge:
>> Techno-centric experts
>> People-centric processes

For this, I navigate varied disciplines and integrate contrasted perspectives to reconciliate farmers’ imperatives with scientific progress, the development of technologies, and the improved organisation of processes.


• Independent consultant based in Montpellier, France
Visiting scientist MAK’IT INRAE #DigitAg & Univ. Montpellier
Marie Curie Fellow 2021, EU Institutes for Advanced Studies (IAS)
Lead author of a Nature Food Perspective, 2022
Lead Guest Editor, Agronomy for Sustainable Development INRAE
GOFEN founding member: Global OFE Network
#OFE2023 Organising & Scientific Committees member

• PhD Agricultural Systems | Australia, Perth
• MSc Agronomy & Agricultural Development | France, Paris
• Nominee of the Australian Academy of Science & laureate of the UK Royal Society for Postgraduate Awards
• Laureate of the George Besse Foundation, France

Thought partners

Building ideas with leaders in agronomy and in complex thinking for food systems

Prof Simon Cook
Prof Simon Cook

A strategic thinker with over 25 years’ global experience in agriculture & natural resource management. Western Australia Premier’s Fellow in Agriculture and Food.

Dr Matthew McNee
Dr Matthew McNee

Food systems agronomy, recovery of degraded agricultural systems, cropping and rangelands management at the interface of scientists and farmers.

Louis Longchamps' photo
A/Prof Louis Longchamps

Precision agriculture & digital agronomy to improve input use efficiency in field crops, intertwining research and extension programs.